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"Fortified" Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil 75W-90 - High-Performance Automotive Lubricant

Product Description

Experience peak performance and protection with our Fortified Synthetic LS Gear Oil 75W-90. This full synthetic, multipurpose automotive gear lubricant is engineered to meet the demands of modern passenger vehicles across a wide range of operating conditions, including limited-slip (LS) applications.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Versatility: Our gear oil is designed for various automotive applications, ensuring compatibility with both limited-slip and passenger vehicles.
  • Extreme Temperature Stability: Perform confidently in any weather, thanks to optimized viscosity-temperature properties that provide outstanding protection against corrosion, viscosity loss, wear, and thermal and oxidative degradation.
  • Industry-Compliant: Meets API GL-5, GL-4, MIL-PRF-2105E, and Mack GO-H & GO-J standards, making it suitable for heavy-duty manually shifted truck transmissions, such as Eaton, that require API MT-1 performance.
  • Proposed PG-1/PG-2 Compatibility: Our gear oil aligns with proposed PG-1/PG-2 specifications for enhanced performance in demanding environments.

    Technical Specifications

    • Viscosity: 75W-90
    • API Standards: GL-5, GL-4
    • MIL Standards: MIL-2105D-E, MIL-PRF-2105E
    • Mack Standards: GO-H & GO-J
    • Proposed PG-1/PG-2 Compatibility



      Q: Is this gear oil suitable for my limited-slip differential?

      A: Yes, our Fortified Synthetic LS Gear Oil 75W-90 is designed to meet the demands of limited-slip applications.

      Q: Can I use this in my passenger vehicle's transmission?

      A: Absolutely, our gear oil is suitable for modern passenger vehicles as well.

      Q: Does it work in extreme temperatures? A: Yes, it performs exceptionally well over a wide range of temperatures.


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