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Located 120 miles out of Los Angeles is the offroad haven of Johnson Valley. For the dudes at WLF Enduro, they call this place home. With terrain ranging from 5th gear tapped dry lake beds, billy goatin rock gardens, and elevations up to 4600 feet this rugged desert has a little of everything for dudes of the WLF pack and their thousands of buddies and fellow trail rippers. These dudes from humbled beggings open their OHV backyard paradise every year for a private event to honor and serve the men of and women of our military. With contributions and accompanied by reps from several companies of the motorcycle industry. They call it MISSION: OPERATION 2 WHEEL FREEDOM. O2WF was created to simply say “THANK YOU” to our vets and active-duty military members and last year we at Reverend Motors were invited to join. It was the first time we have attended and couldn’t have been more stoked.  


This event had us at loss for words. For us, at Reverend Motors this was prayer that came to fruition. As a small 3 person company, we are chasing our "American Dream" of being able to not only bless fellow riders but also bless the people who protect that "American Dream". They say "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life". Well, honestly, as cliche as it is. To us that for that weekend in April that couldn't be more true. The sheer outpour of support from the industry was incredible. With 29 of our countries finest military members in attendance all industry folks we there solely to serve them. Husqvarna® brought out their full line of 2019 FE's for those vets who needed a bike to ride or to test one of these engineering marvels. Biltwell® known for rad helmets and hard parts poured 17 gallons of the finest freshly brewed coffee. And we at Reverend Motors had a quick stop oil change for those vets who wanted and needed fresh blood in their 2 wheeled machines. Every brand brought something to contribute and doing so with humility from the likes I have never seen before in the motorcycle industry. 


In partnership with the boys at W.E. for MIII was Veterans Back 40 Adventure. Back 40 is a veteran operated nonprofit taking their fellow brothers in arms on much-needed adventures at no cost to the veteran. These dudes have hearts of gold and believe that some throttle and 2 wheels can help prevent the nearly 22 veteran suicides a day epidemic. Their mission is something I'm sure all us who ride motorcycles can get behind. Looking forward to next year to provide and serve those who ride and those who protect swear an oath for our freedoms. 


Can't thank @wlfenduro enough for allowing us to participate.  

Thank you to @vetback40adventure 

And thank you for all the brands that participated in the event: @wlfenduro @husqvarnamotorcyclesusa // @fmf73 // @imsproducts // @deusemporium // @answeroffroad // @bajadesignsofficial // @giantloopmoto // @dango_design // @antigravitybatteries // @seatconcepts // @ruggedradios // @nixon // @stancesocks // @bulletproofdesigns // @ridetrailtech // @fasstcompany // @nuetech.nitromousse.tubliss // @teccolorcraft // @promotobillet @reverendmotors // @bridgestonemotousa // @biltwell // @bell_powersports // @muul_usa // @rangeessential // @tucker_powersports //@gopro // @ahmfactoryservices // @rmatvmc 

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